Meet the Man Who Plotted to Assassinate Joe Biden


Image credit to Gage Skidmore. Image modified from original.

A North Carolina resident was arrested for plotting to assassinate Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden. Interestingly, the media do not outright report who it was who planned on killing Joe.

It’s almost always the same case that the media tries to bury reports against their narratives. While they blow-up every possible angle when the offender is a conservative, we could hardly hear anything negative about the left.

According to federal authorities, 19-year-old Alexander Hillel Treisman of North Carolina and a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter began his plot on the assassination of Joe Biden in March.

“Should I kill Joe Biden?” Treisman wrote in a post in April.

Treisman searched for the former vice president’s address online and for night-vision goggles.

WBTC reported that according to federal court documents, the 19-year-old also bought an AR-15 in New Hampshire.

In May, Treisman was seen to be at a Wendy’s restaurant near Biden’s Delaware home. Later on the same month in North Carolina, he was arrested, and police found various lethal weapons, ammunition, and cash in his van. The authorities retrieved four rifles, explosives, a 9mm handgun, books on making bombs, and $509,000 in cash.

Now here’s the question on Treisman’s motive. An immediate guess and reaction would be – he is a conservative. Tough luck, he’s a leftist just like Joe. Yet, Washington Post buried this truth in the 15th paragraph of their report.

When Sen. Bernie Sanders withdrew his presidential campaign, Treisman plotted against the other Dem nominee, Biden. He earlier posted he had to “save Bernie” and shared a meme with a caption asking if he should kill Joe. 

Of course, the media would be hesitant even to report the suspect was from the left. They would try to hide it and report as low key as possible. Most people read only the headlines and just a few paragraphs. The media knows these. 

Yet, they could only suppress it for so long. Imagine if a real conservative was the culprit. We would hear and read it online and on TV for days.

Their wishful thinking. 

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