Meet the ‘Fall Guy’ for the Biden Family’s Corruption


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Hunter Biden’s business partner provided access to his Gmail account, with 26,000 emails, most of which support the Biden family’s corruption allegations.

According to Peter Schweizer, Breitbart News’ senior contributor, Hunter Biden’s former business partner Bevan Cooney, gave him access to 26,000 emails. Schweizer and Seamus Bruner have already reported the first batch of the emails in the outlet’s exclusive investigation.

Schweizer appeared on Breitbart News Saturday to narrate parts of the investigation. 


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Cooney was earlier convicted due to his business deals with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer, the other partner who now also awaits sentencing.

Believing as the fall-out guy, Cooney, who currently serves in jail, reached out to Matthew Tyrmand, a conservative journalist, and eventually to Schweizer.

Cooney permitted the journalists to access his Gmail account thru a written authorization with his username and password. The former partner largely believes he was the “fall guy” in the Biden family’s scheme.

The first article ran last Friday detailing how the meetings among Chinese Communist elites called China Entrepreneurs Club, and senior White House officials came into fruition in November 2011 arranged by Hunter Biden and his partners.

According to a Chinese elite also present in the meeting, then-Vice President Joe Biden even had a secret meeting with the Chinese Communists.

Schweizer said the “secret meetings” didn’t appear on the White House calendar and visitor’s logs, yet, the Chinese “bragged about it in their blog posts back in China.” The secret meetings opened up business deals that Hunter and his partners milked, along with his father.

The emails get deeper as some illustrate how Biden’s family “developed a system” to use Joe’s position to enrich themselves, Schweizer said.

Some of the emails also show how Yelena Baturina, the ex-wife of a former Moscow Mayor, connect to Hunter.

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani has recently said in his Daily Caller interview that Hunter Biden was a “bagman,” or a “conduit” to the corruption scheme. The emails retrieved by Schweizer support the allegation. 

Schweizer said that Hunter was the “avenue to the administration” leveraging his father’s relationship with public employee unions to “get union pension money.”

In a way, we have always known that Biden was corrupt, yet the emails have explicitly confirmed how the former vice president traded off his name, connections, and access.

“These are not printouts. These are not PDFs—we actually go into the Gmail account and pull the emails out and download them. They are timestamped. These are real. These are genuine,” said Schweizer.

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