Media Silence: BLM Traps 100 People in a Grocery Store!


In Rochester, New York, BLM protesters have made another appearance. This time, they trapped around 100 people in a Wegmans grocery store.


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Daniel Prude was a black man who died after an encounter with the Rochester Police Department. At the time, the incident went viral because Prude was high on PCP and naked when he encountered the police.

Last month, the New York Attorney General announced that a grand jury would not be seeking charges against officers involved. After all, Prude was naked and high on drugs as he resisted arrest. Late, he fell into a coma and died at the hospital.

Despite that, the news sparked the BLM supporters into more protests.

Local news reporter Michael Schwartz reported that the mob yelled, “We have a long walk today, we’re shutting s*** down!” as they protested.

Roughly 200 protesters then began marching down to the Wegmans grocery store on East Avenue. As soon as they arrived, the BLM protesters trapped about 100 customers inside.

As usual, the truth doesn’t seem to be important to BLM supporters. They’ll use any excuse to protest—even if they have to twist the truth or ignore it outright.

Watch Blaze TV’s Slightly Offensive host Elijah Schaffer talk about this incident here:

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  1. Why is the MEDIA so AFRAID of these paid for thugs??? Could it be the MEDIA is paid by and controlled by the same INDIVIDUALS as these thugs are??? HUMMMMM!!! CORRUPTION at its FINEST!!! You cannot TRUST our governmental administration or the media for ANY REASON!!! Power, greed and ratings are pushed by the LIBERAL individuals in control!!! Too darn bad for the TAXPAYERS of America… We are the FIRST that are ROBBED and the LAST on the LIST for SUPPORT!!! Cannot call Law Enforcement Agencies because their hands are tied by CORRUPT officials, if you defend yourself against the thugs , Heaven forbid, you will be charged to the maximum!!! Welcome to the New LIBERAL COMMUNISTIC GOVERNMENT CORRUPT DEMOCRATIC AGENDA!!!

  2. Notice those big tough wimps in BLM/Antifa always do this in a democrat run state. Why don’t they try that crap in a republican state? Afraid they’ll get shot?


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