Maxine Waters SHOULD BE IN PRISON after what she did to TRUMP


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The Officer Tatum – Maxine Waters SHOULD BE IN PRISON after what she did to TRUMP


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She should be in prison anyway just for stealing James Brown’s wig.

Maxine should be charged to when she told Democrats followers to: “show up get in their face and tell them they are not welcome “

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  1. Maxine. Should be charged with inciting violence. Removed from office and sent to prison. Also for giving her daughter. Millions in campaign money. Biden and Kamala should be in prison also. Come on Republican congress. Do your job for once.

  2. I always under the impression that that campaign money could only be used to get elected not give to your children and relatives? That’s like steeling tax payer money to enhance your life style1 to me these people should be charged with grand theft of tax payer money, and we should be able to vote in who gets relief money to country’s that don’t deserve it. we should get some of that money just think how better off this country would be and it would be cheaper than giving billions to people who hate us.

  3. no such thing as common sense in American public far as I’m concerned most people in this country are sheep they believe whatever’s told they go watch a video of somebody doing been told it’s a lie that tells me that not very bright


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