Massive Crime Surge Caused by Democratic Policies…


Image from video below…

Fox News – The Northwestern adjunct law professor says the Defund the Police movement and policies such as ending cash bail are contributing to the crime problem

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Amazing that city officials in Portland are not in jail for putting American Citizens in danger. Even more amazing is Lightfoot is still getting paid for her nonsense policies.

California didn’t work so let’s try it in a National level. Nice job, Dems.

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  1. Democraps have been stripping punishment from laws my entire life(60 plus years). Every time they say they are working on Criminal Justice reform they take away punishment so Criminals get off easier and easier . They have the ACLU getting Criminals off on the tiniest of things. So any time Democraps talk about doing anything that will curb crime it simply means they will just make a crime either no longer a crime or such that they just don’t enforce the law, like they are doing in the Cities they RUIN.


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