Major Problem Discovered with Vote Counting Software in Michigan


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On Wednesday, in one of the election infrastructure’s many faults, an apparent issue resulted in a Republican candidate garnering only two votes in Michigan county. 

In this precedent, the program may also be at fault in several counties across the state. According to Michigan’s Interlochen Public Radio, the discrepancy in counting ballots was discovered in Antrim County on Wednesday morning.

Republican state legislator Triston Cole cited Representative Jack Bergman received only two votes according to the tabulations.


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“I can guarantee that there were 6 [Bergman votes] in my immediate family alone,” Cole told the outlet.

The results of the election were immediately taken down on the county website after the discrepancy was found. 

“Early this morning, the Antrim County Clerk, Sheryl Guy, became aware of apparently skewed results in the Unofficial Election Result tabulations,” wrote the county officials on their Facebook page.

They claim the Clerk’s Office is on top of reviewing the results and checking of multiple redundancies for the discrepancy. Election Source, the company that supplied the voting software programs and hardware, is being assisted by staff and township officials.

WPBN-TV reported Guy said the total vote on printed tabulated tapes vs. the election software didn’t match. As a result, manual counting will assume for the printed tabulated tapes from each precinct. 

KXXV-TV anchor Joe Gumm also reported the clerk’s office has started reviewing over 16,000 ballots in Antrim county.

The incident tainted the integrity of elections as the same program is used in 33 other Michigan counties.

“The irregularities reported this morning are incredibly troubling, especially given how close the election results are in Michigan,” Michigan Republican Party Chair Laura Cox commented to WPBN-TV.

Cox said it wasn’t clear whether the issues were caused by corruption or incompetence. Yet, the glaring fact that such issues exist mounts great concern. She claims the Michigan Republican Party will do everything to expose the truth.

President Trump trails behind Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden by 60,000 votes.

The state’s 16 Electoral College votes remain a critical make-or-break for the presidency. Some already called the race for Biden, yet the Associated Press still wait for the impending votes. 

President Trump’s campaign filed suit in the state on Wednesday to stop counting of votes after his team was purportedly denied access to observe the tally. 

As election day stretches into a week, the seemingly faulty program casts more doubts than votes.

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