Lynwood City Manager Excuses The Execution Style Shootings Of Two Cops


Lynwood City Manager Excuses The Execution Style Shootings Of Two Cops
Image Screenshot From LA County Sheriffs Twitter Post Below.

A few days ago, two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies were ambushed while they were sitting in their patrol car. The video shows them sitting in the cruiser as a man walks up to the passenger’s side window, and shoots them both in the head at close range.

After they were rushed to a hospital, BLM protesters blocked the entrances and exits of the hospital, and shouted, “We hope they die!” Some men even tried to enter the hospital to “visit” the deputies, but they were stopped by either the hospital security or police officers.

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New footage was released, showing a female deputy putting a tourniquet on her partner’s arm. The female deputy had already been shot twice in the jaw, even as she put her partner first.

The two LASD Transit Security Bureau deputies were shot at the Compton PAX Station. According to Bill Melugin, they were both shot in the head by a man who got off a bus and fled right after. They have both been hospitalized.

As of Sunday night, both deputies were listed in stable condition and are expected to survive. However, the authorities are still searching for the suspect.

The city manager of Lynwood, California, Jose Ometeotl, is facing backlash after he posted an image on social media claiming that “chickens” had “come home to roost” after the ambush shooting of the two sheriff’s deputies in Compton.

The reported caption of the image read, “The fact that someone randomly opened fire on deputies is to be expected in the society we live in today.” Since posting the image and receiving backlash, his Instagram account has been made private.

Here’s what he posted on his personal Instagram account regarding the shooting:

The Lynwood City Council issued a statement on Sunday, making it clear that they did not feel the same way Ometeotl did. Though he has served as the Lynwood city manager for more than three years, it seems it could not be helped.

An excerpt from their statement: “There have been comments made today (Sunday) by our City Manager on his personal social media that are his personal opinions and don’t reflect the position of the Lynwood City Council. Today we are only thinking of the two deputies and are praying for their recovery.”

Here’s what they had to say about Ometeotl’s Instagram post:

Although the Democrats have portrayed the police as the public enemy, in reality, police shootings had been relatively rare.

It is only that the Democrats and the activists have created an environment where shooting law enforcement authorities is not an offense, but an act that is justified and perceived by some as for the good of society.

Is this the kind of environment that the Democrats want to achieve?

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