Looking for a job that doesn’t require the jab? This employment service has you covered…


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Rebel News – Thousands of skilled professionals across Canada have lost their jobs simply because of their COVID-19 vaccination status. If that’s you — a B.C. man named George Douklias has created a non-discriminatory employment service called Jabless Jobs, showcasing companies who are hiring that will not discriminate against applicants who are unvaccinated.

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58 Here…. too young/to poor to retire…. lost my job due to refusing the jab. There is not a lot to do without a vax pass, money is running out, and my government has deemed me unfit to be in society. Just this news of such a service existing, has given me a bit of hope. Maybe the world is not completely crazy. I dont like my life much now. I needed to see this story. I want to work.

Amen !!!!!!!!!!! Also F Joe Biden !!!!

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