Look Who Promised to Bail Out the Fleeing Texas Dems…


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The Next News Network – Landon Mion from Townhall reports, The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said it will offer to pay bail for the Texas Democrats who fled to Washington, D.C., to block a GOP-backed election bill after Gov. Greg Abbott (R) threatened to have them arrested.

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They aren’t defending America they are destroying it

Bailing Out Non Compliant Politicians is partisan and should nullify any federal or state financial support to the NAACP

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  1. Basically the law will pick them up and escort them back to Texas capitol to vote!! Its not a physical arrest like putting them in jail.
    But once again as usual democrats are wasting time and money. This is not about voting cuz they fled from VOTING like they really care about voting! This is about the filibuster that just doesn’t fit their scheme right now to do the biggest power grab in American history while still hyping up Covid-19 fears! So if the black folks want to bail them out that their business but it certainly doesn’t help America!! Better wise up!!

  2. Tells me the naacp doesn’t represent blacks but the commie dems. Much like many organizations start to help and wind up just a arm of commie dem party.

  3. It’s fine if the NAACP wants to bail out Democratic legislators in Texas, as long as they meet the conditions of bail, the main ones being that they not leave the state and report to their assigned supervisor when and where directed. That’s all we need for a quorum. AND, if these people can’t do that, then they don’t qualify for bail and can be bussed over to the Legislature by prison bus, which is all that’s needed for a quorum. Any who qualify for bail and then skip can be tracked down by bounty hunters, preferably bounty hunters with anger control issues and the State can pocket anything that the NAACP posted as bail.


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