Look: The Crowd Size at Kamala’s Home Coming Speaks Volumes…



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On Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to her hometown for the first time since she took office.

The vice president traveled to Oakland, California to tour a water treatment facility in the Bay Area so she could promote President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Harris had received 81 million votes during the election, but not even three people came out to greet her — in her own hometown.

One person commented how surprised she was, while another woman came out to take pictures of the passing motorcade.

Well, two people went out to see her, but more people could be heard “cheering” for her as she left. Were they cheering because she was leaving?

If this was a Trump motorcade, thousands and thousands of people would be lining the streets for miles to cheer for him and show their support. And yet, the physical support for the people who beat him in the election is almost non-existent.

How did they get 81 million votes again?

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