Look: It Doesn’t Appear that Biden Even Read the New Georgia Voting Law…


On Sunday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp had a press conference about the new voting law.


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He claimed that President Joe Biden has not even read the voting law because he was “factually incorrect.”

When asked by a reporter which parts of the bill he would be willing to go into to adjust or discuss with the MLB, Governor Kemp said that “no one has brought up any specifics in the bill.”

“If you look at all the statements that are out there, [there’s] not one complaint,” the governor said before explaining the specifics of the voting bill.

According to Kemp, there have been no complaints because they can’t complain. The law includes adding access on the weekends, requiring a voter I.D. in Georgia, and adding drop boxes throughout the state.

The voting law also gave or offered to give any gifts — including food and beverages — to voters in line illegally. However, it is important to note that poll workers can still do so. Also, self-service water stations can be set up within the perimeter.

“Well, some of them have complained about drop boxes, like we’re taking something away. For people that don’t know and have not read the bill like Joe Biden, we’ve never had drop boxes in our legislation in decades in Georgia—we do now, for the first time codified in the law,” he continued.

The governor explained that “drop boxes were used” in the last election “because of an emergency order by the state election board, not by the General Assembly members.”

“We have done that this year. We require the local elections officials to do continuous counting, so you don’t have brakes and have doubt and confusion in the inability of either party to monitor the process.”

He concluded, “No one has said anything about any of those provisions. The ones that have complained about the water issue are factually wrong — including the president.”

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  1. Senile Joe doesn’t know how to read. He can’t even follow the script when he does a news conference or gives a speech. And he clearly has no idea what the Colorado voting law is or even his nursing home state of Delaware. Both of those states have more strict voting rules than Georgia and have had them for a very long time.


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