Lin Wood Calls for Arrest of Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp


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Lin Wood recently called out Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp to resign from office and to “go to prison” in a tweet.

Wood wasn’t pleased with the governor’s inaction on looking into possible election fraud, and he expressed his frustrations on Twitter. A recount is being done in the state, but no audit is being done, which is the opposite of what President Trump wants. Trump campaigned for Kemp in 2018 to help him win. Other reports state, that Brian Kemps… Chief of Staff,” is lobbying for Dominion the voting system that many are saying gave Republican votes for Trump to Biden.” National File’s…Patrick Howley, tweeted a story about, “how Kemp’s former chief of staff lobbies for Dominion Voting Systems.”

Kemp hasn’t dug deeper into investigating possible voter fraud despite being under constant criticism for not doing so. Many on the right feel that he is betraying President Trump and the party.

Kemp went as far as going on record to say that only legal votes would be counted, but he has since gone MIA.

President Trump has expressed his frustration with the current state of Georgia.

Failing to support the President in this time of need and does not call for an audit of all votes cast, Kemp’s chances of winning re-election are pretty much shot.

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