Liberals Begin ‘The Trump Accountability Project’ to Target All Trump Supporters


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Liberals took their loathing to another level as The Trump Accountability Project is launched to target all Trump supporters. 


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For years, the Democrats have pushed and bullied the conservatives, Republicans, and President Trump supporters as they insist on a political divide among parties. 

Most of the conservatives have shrugged off the radical ideologies that the leftists have since been pushing, undermining that one day it would really hurt the GOP.

 Unhinged influencers are very outspoken about their disapproval of the president and his supporters. They have used scornful words such as “collaborators,” “enablers,” and even “cultists” to associate us. In October, Keith Olbermann’s segment went viral, where he spoke of condemning the right political party.

Also, last month, Trending Politics Head of Content published an article addressing people like Keith Olbermann.

Like previous gimmicks of the Dems, we didn’t take things seriously, thinking that it’s just one of the many outbursts of the haters. 

However, The Daily Wire published a news article on a similar ideology from Robert Reich, a well-known political commentator, and influencer. Reich called for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission” aiming to “erase Trump’s lies, and expose enablers.”

Another publication, The Nation, echoed the article where its writer, Elie Mystal, wrote that the “moral and ethical failures need to be investigated” dragging Trump’s enablers and his family. 

Last summer, the New York Times exposed Fox News Anchor Tucker Carlson’s home address. The publication had done this before, such that Carlson had to sell his home before they published it. 

It was as rampant in social media where “Cancel Culture” is very common. Last month, the radical left activists curated a website where personal information of donors for the Trump campaign was published. The website was taken down after some time, yet for weeks, the names and addresses were exposed for all the angry Dems to ridicule and more. 

As the nation continues to be divided, the left once again builds an even higher wall between parties. 

On Friday, Emily Abrams, a former Pete Buttigieg campaign staff, announced a website called “The Trump Accountability Project.” They created the site on election day, November 3. 

After her tweet announcement of the website became viral, she quickly changed her account private, but a screenshot was taken before it.  

“To make sure anyone who took a paycheck to help Trump undermine America is held responsible for what they did. Join us and help spread the word.”

Sounds like fascism.

On the website, they claim to never forget who “furthered the Trump Agenda.” They then enumerated the supporters who they want to target. Those who elected him staffed the government, funded, and publicly endorsed the president’s campaigns in 2016 and 2020.

The site remains active with even a sign-up option to get updates. 

Unfortunately, the widespread of this idea has become more and more “encouraged” and “tolerated.” Isn’t standing up for one’s belief a face for freedom of expression? What right do the Dems have to persecute a supporter of the opposite party?

AOC even jumped on the propaganda. When the website was live, she tweeted, “This is an elected official with millions of followers openly calling for the persecution and condemnation of those who oppose her.”

The divide has only gained traction and went even deeper still as the election drags before a president gets elected. Will we ever learn to agree to disagree?

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