Leo Terrell Goes Nuclear Over Biden’s Racist Rant…


Image from video below…

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– Alex Parker from RedState reports, Leo Terrell doesn’t think too highly of Joe Biden. Earlier this week, Joe Biden gave a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma Tuesday that may not have hit it out of the park.

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Haven’t you heard? If you are a democrat, you can be as racist as the summer day is long, and you get a pass.

Creepy Joe is so racist, he can’t even hide it. Same thing with his attraction to babies.~js

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  1. No matter how clumsy senile Joe is trying not to be a racist, his own stupidity brings it out and no matter how hard he tries to hide it, the fact still remains his friend and mentor (senator Byrd) was a big shot in the KKK and senile Joe knew this.


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