Leftists Still Going on About ‘Deprogramming’ 70 Million Americans


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Dr. James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, political insider, and scholar, joined journalist-activist-comedian Francesca Fiorentini to discuss Donald Trump’s “genuine cult qualities” following. They also discussed whether Trump’s children could continue his cult legacy.


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Zogby said that armed hardcore could not be moved at this point, referring to Trump’s supporters, adding that they are also “racist to the core.” He said that some might only be distraught, confused, frustrated, and alienated.

Zogby claimed he studied cult and sees the same behavior from Trump’s following.

“There was a cult-like adoration of the leader and the belief in what the leader says,” said Zogby.

“The question is not Trump. The question is ‘How did he find a following?’” the political insider added.

He then continued to criticize Trump supporters for becoming “desperate” in believing in an “alternate reality” and “lies” to put their lives “at risk.”

We’re not sure how Zogby arrived at these conclusions. Maybe he never heard of having a leader so great at what he does that his supporters adore him. It isn’t a surprise, really, since Zogby seems to be coming from the other side of the fence.

Zogby believes several Trump supporters can be “pulled away” if the problem is solved by beating the leader “badly.”

Comedian Laurie Kilmartin, who also joined the show, asked Zogby about Ivanka being “cultivated” to take over Trump’s chair. The political insider then said that the following wasn’t “transferable.”

Zogby said the only way to stop him is to “beat his ass” in the election.

Francesca commented, “So it dies with him.”

Along with the comedian and host, Zogby clearly never heard about other leaders who have earned a following due to a leader’s greatness. They are only oblivious to the Trump administration’s mile-long accomplishments and never even cared to give him credit.

So, there. It takes just a “beating” to stop Trump’s supporters from continuing to believe in him.

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