Leftists are Stockpiling Weapons in the Autonomous Zone


Image Screenshot From Alex Milan Tracy Twitter Post Below.


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In Portland, Oregon, leftist militants occupied several residential blocks of a foreclosed house and have stocked weapons, homemade spike strips, and even have armed guards at their autonomous zone entry points.

The city’s police chief said the authorities would use force, if necessary, to end the illegal occupation.

It was on Tuesday when the autonomous zone was set-up. On the same day, the militants were caught on footage chasing Portland police away from the foreclosed property. They even kicked and threw rocks at the retreating police vehicles. The militants also ran after the cops and appeared to have tried stealing their equipment.

“We ain’t fin’ around!” a militant was heard shouting at cops while another leftist yelled, “I’ll knock you the f out, bitch!”

A local TV reporter and a videographer were also bullied and physically attacked by the militants to leave the zone when the former attempted an interview with the occupants.

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On Tuesday evening, Deputy Police Chief Chris Davis told the Oregonian, “I certainly am respectful of the issue that people are there to address, but blocking streets and chasing police officers out of the neighborhood is still not OK and really contrary to our values as Portlanders.”

Davis told the outlet that the police need to be thoughtful about the situation and handle it the right way. They also need to consider all the angles, doing what’s best to resolve the situation in the safest way possible.

However, Police Chief Chuck Lovell struck an opposite tone in a video message. Lovell said he’s aware of the leftist militants’ weapons and threats and that the officers would “use force to end the occupation if necessary.”

In another tweet, Lovell wrote that the police are also aware of “armed sentries, attacks on journalists & threats to kill officers in graffiti in this public space.

“The leftists have even apparently installed homemade spike strips in front of a barricaded entrance, as seen in a Twitter video.

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