LeBron James Recruits 10,000 Poll Workers to Swing the Vote


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NBA star and Democratic party activist… LeBron James recruited a small army of poll workers in an attempt to swing the vote and put Joe Biden on the presidential seat in the White House.

According to reports, LeBron has recruited 10,000 volunteers in black districts so far. He is likely to hit the campaign trail for the Biden-Harris duo after the NBA finals wrap up next week.

LeBron has played an active part in the summer’s racial strife on Twitter. He has tweeted to his 47.5 million followers, inciting anti-police sentiment and turning criminals like Jacob Blake into racial martyrs.


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He has become more active in the Democratic party over the past few months. If Biden wins the election on November 3, the Democrats will immediately offer the white flag of surrender to China and put socialism in place in the United States.

LeBron’s 10,000 poll workers are part of the NBA’s transformation attempt from a sports league into a political entity. They have already announced that the league’s arenas are to be used as polling stations.

His efforts at recruiting the poll workers earned him some high praise from former President Barack Obama. Obama had posted a video before game one of the Lakers-Miami Heat began on Wednesday.

The television ratings for the final series were horrific. At least one game had a huge 44% drop from the previous year, and the ratings have only been continuing on a downward trend since then.

After Michael Jordan passed, the NBA was left with no choice but to have LeBron James be the face of the league. The television ratings have tanked since then, and it has only proven that LeBron is indeed unfit to carry Michael Jordan’s legacy.

On the bright side for him, it seems that LeBron has a career ahead of him in Democrat politics when he retires from the NBA.

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