Leaked Zoom Meeting Shows How Leftists Plan Their Attacks


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A leaked zoom video call recording seemingly shows the leftists have been organizing training sessions for a protest on election night. The group apparently plans to conduct a large-scale demonstration near the White House, expecting to draw thousands.

Preparations are underway for Shutdown DC, a leftist direct-action group, planning to gather on the eve of the election day at Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House.

The group called for participants on its website on Wednesday morning, saying, “we’ll step off to disrupt business as usual for some of the Institutions that are most complicit in Trump’s attack on Democracy.”


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The preparations were being laid out in anticipation of a coup by the Trump administration. Demonstrators then target the White House on the next day of the election.

“A combination of cars, bikes, and on-foot demonstrators will jam traffic around and block access to the White House,” the website read.

A day after, the group plans to shutdown ‘business as usual’ in Washington DC. “We’ll be continuing our planning and organizing over the next week, and we’ll be ready to do whatever it takes to stop a coup!”

Organizer Patrick Young led the meeting and discussed the preparations for the succeeding days after the election as a response “to different contested election scenarios.”

A massive crowd was planned to march on Saturday by “all the mainstream groups,” and would soon focus on the lawmakers in Congress.

Young said, if there is a coup, the lawmakers would be met at the airports or at Union Station to “be sent back where they came from” until the situation is dealt with.

“We’re facing an administration and a potential coup and a potential insurrection,” said Lisa Fithian, a veteran activist.

A map of Washington DC filled the screen thereafter, and the group discussed locations of police stations because “it’s good to know where the police are.” They also located key government buildings, media outlets, and Trump boosters.

“We have to be willing to put our bodies on the line and take on some discomfort, sacrifice, risk, in order to change things,” said Fithian.

They discussed breaking windows of government buildings and taking over.

On Friday, Gary Bauer, Campaign for Working Families PAC chairman, reported about receiving “a very unsettling phone call.”

Bauer told reporters that a group of far-left activists called Shutdown DC is planning successive attacks on conservative organizations and leaders in the nation’s capital. The “leftist stormtroopers” were even provided maps complete with the addresses of the organizations and people that they would takedown.

Ironically, Dems Presidential candidate Joe Biden tweeted on Sunday, “I promise you this: I’ll end Donald Trump’s chaos and end this crisis.”

Biden should tame his violent supporters on more rounds of chaos.

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