Leaked 2016 Phone Call Reveals Biden Tried to Sabotage Trump


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A phone call between then-Vice President… Joe Biden and Ukrainian President… Petro Poroshenko took place right after the 2016 presidential election was completed. A recording of the phone call was leaked, which proves that Biden sought to sabotage the incoming Trump administration before Donald Trump even sat in the office.

In the recording, Biden can be heard badmouthing the incoming administration, saying, “The truth of the matter is that the incoming administration doesn’t know a great deal about [Ukraine],” and that the incoming administration was unprepared for the transition. That statement alone was inappropriate enough, but Biden only said it to so he could bring his future plans into the conversation.

He then told Poroshenko, “I don’t plan on going away. As a private citizen, I plan on staying deeply engaged in the endeavor that you have begun and we have begun.”


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In just a few seconds, Biden undermined the incoming Trump administration, said they did not know anything about Ukraine, and attempted to set up a foreign policy backchannel for himself after he left the office, which meant he would then only be a private citizen. The last one violates the Logan Act.

The Logan Act prohibits private citizens from engaging in US foreign policy, although no person has ever been convicted of violating the act since it was signed into law in 1799.

To make sure he maintains the level of trust with Poroshenko and continue their relationship going forward even after Biden left the office, Biden also indicated that there was a problem with the incoming administration. “The reason I bother to tell you that is I have been somewhat limited on what I am able to tell their team about Ukraine.”

Since the phone call was leaked by a Ukrainian member of Parliament, it was obviously recorded by the Ukrainians. It is suspected that it was almost certainly recorded by the Russian intelligence services as well.

Biden would not have been aware of this from his time on the Senate Foreign Committee and as the vice president.

So Biden, the then-Vice President of the United States, had told a foreign leader that there were things he couldn’t share about his country with the incoming administration and that they weren’t told everything. We now know that the Trump campaign and administration were not in fact in collusion with Russia, but at the time, Biden didn’t.

It’s quite confusing that the vice president had felt comfortable enough to tell a foreign leader that there were things he wasn’t able to tell the incoming administration.

In the end, it’s clear that Biden showed incredibly poor judgment, placed a highly classified counterintelligence operation at risk, undermined the incoming administration, and attempted to set up a foreign policy backchannel for himself so he could remain involved in the US-Ukrainian policy even when he was no longer allowed to do so.

The phone call took place while his son, Hunter Biden, was working for a Ukrainian energy firm, which he admitted he had no related experience for.

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