Las Vegas Couple is Shocked Over What Was Hidden Under Their Land


A couple in Las Vegas who were getting a pool installed in their backyard got a pleasant surprise. The workers, who were in the process of digging out the hole for the pool, found a set of bones.


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Matt Perkins had recently moved to Las Vegas with his husband, said that waking up to police officers talking with the workers and finding out that they found bones in their backyard “kind of…freaked us out.”

Of course, Perkins said that he had peace of mind when the police determined that the bones were “too big to be human” and that they were at least thousands of years old.

Because it was outside police expertise, the first thing the couple did was contact the director of research at the Nevada Science Center, Joshua Bonde.

Upon closer inspection, Bonde found that the bones came from a large mammal, likely an ice age horse. He said that the bones could be up to 14,000 years old, tracing all the way back to earth’s most recent ice age.

“What we found was when they were excavating the backyard pool, they were cutting through ice age layers of sediment, and sure enough, they had a skeleton of an animal,” Borne said.

Perkins said that he and his husband are now working on a plan to have the bones excavated safely and given to Bonde before the workers lay the concrete for the pool.

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