Kim Klacik’s New Ad is So Good Even the Dems Are Paying Attention


Image Screenshot From Kimberly Klacik Twitter Post Below.

Republican candidate for Congress Kim Klacik says she wants to get rid of the trash in Baltimore, literally and figuratively.

Klacik burst into the national spotlight last month when she joined the running in Maryland’s 7th congressional district. She had then released a brutal ad that side-cornered the Democrats and revealed the real image of the Democrat-run cities.

The ad features her walking through the devastated streets of Baltimore. As she walked, she talked about what the Democrats don’t want the public to see. The line she used was, “They [Democrats] don’t want you to see this.”

In the ad, she revealed that the Democrats only show fake concern for black people. She slammed the Democrats for their failure to take care of the black community for decades.

As she walked through the seemingly abandoned streets, she explained what the reality is for the people and the city — crumbling infrastructure, the skyrocketing number of crimes, poverty, and abandoned homes.

The ad campaign was released with the caption, “Democrats don’t want you to see this,” which went viral immediately, receiving millions of views in a single day.

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Last week, Klacik was a virtual guest on The View. The Shrieking Harridan Squad treated her awfully, as they do with every Republican. However, she held her ground so well that Joy Behar had to cut her off to finish the interview.

Klacik followed up on the interview with a new ad, where she again walks through the streets of Baltimore as she explains some of her policy positions and how she would like to change the city.

As she talked, the sad present reality was transformed into what she envisions. And there’s nothing else to say — it’s amazingly beautiful, and it shows just how much potential the city has — in the right hands.

It seems more like a well-produced short film, and it’s entirely compelling. Have a look:

She has once again succeeded in putting her ad in the spotlight. Her video already has millions of views after only a few days of it being posted on Twitter.

Dave Rubin, the creator and host of The Rubin Report, also reacted to Klacik’s campaign ad with, “Is this ad by [Klacik] the best political ad in the last 30 years?”

I’ve got to say, I do agree.

Of course, changing things in the Democrat-run cities will not be an easy task. Klacik has already lost a special election to fill the seat by a wide margin earlier this year, but she has shown that she will not give up no matter how uphill the battle is.

She is willing to be the voice for those that the Democrats have oppressed. And as she says at the end of her new ad, Baltimore does not have to vote Democrat.

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