Keith Olbermann Calls for The Arrest of Tucker Carlson


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Keith Olbermann spits fire as he continues to call for the arrest of whoever he dislikes. The former MSNBC anchor’s recent meltdown shows clear signs of why he is despised by so many.


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Olbermann demands arrest of Fox News political anchor Tucker Carlson anew. Carlson’s nightly show has been skyrocketing number of views while old Olbermann’s pathetic display is contained on his pitiful YouTube videos.

On another meltdown on Friday, Olbermann repeatedly demanded the arrest of President Trump. His longstanding hatred for the president is apparent, yet, for Carlson is another story.

It was the first time he targeted a fellow media man – a chilling precedent of the far-left.

Olbermann has since deleted his tweet but didn’t think of cleaning up the trace.

According to Breitbart News, Olbermann took to Twitter to rant at Tucker Carlson’s ponderings on the 2020 election results.

Olbermann accused Carlson of encouraging Trump supporters to “engage in violence” after assuming that the latter claimed the reds “own most of the guns in the nation.”

The former ESPN anchor reacted to another user that claimed Carlson told his audience that Trump allies have “6–70% of the guns and they could take to the streets blood ‘would flow.’”

Olbermann responded, “Again, this is an overt and unmistakable call for widespread violence and requires the arrest of Tucker Carlson.”

As with any liars on the left, old Olbermann falsely claimed Carlson called out for the president’s supporters to protest violently.

Olbermann might have been used to his party’s act of resorting to vehemence in every chance they get.

It was clear that Carlson didn’t say such a thing and never hinted at a similar scenario. In fact, the statement on Trump voters owning “60 to 70 percent of the guns” was from Lawrence Wilkerson, a Democrat operative.

Olbermann bizarrely attacked the president earlier, comparing him to Kunta Kinte of the 1970s television miniseries “Roots.”

Funny how sentiments and false claims like Olbermanns’ don’t get too much media attention compared to when the offender is a conservative.

Let’s see how Carlson would roast him next.

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