Kayleigh McEnany Sends a Message to the Unvaxxed, Contradicts the Left’s Narrative…


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– The Political Insider reports, Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany urged Fox News viewers to get the COVID-19 vaccine, saying that she trusts the vaccine development process. She also said that she feels that the vaccine is effective when it comes to preventing and transmitting coronavirus.

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This is terrible! I guess everyone has their price. It’s sad that people are selling out. I’m not getting the jab! I have an immune system.

I don’t care if she got it… she can get 10 more shots for all I care. All I know is that, come hell or high water, I’m not getting it.

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  1. This is one time I absolutely disagree! My spouse got the vaccine and has had nothing but terrible side effects ever since. My health is worse than my spouse’s and we have similar issues and reactions to drugs. I easily pick up everything and with multiple health issues I would absolutely pick up Covid.
    However, my doctor won’t approve me of getting it and I agree with him 1000%. NO ONE, is going to tell me what to do EXCEPT my doctor!

    Anyone coming to my door and trying to force me to take the vaccine will be met with a swifness of having a gun barrel staring them in the face for trespassing.

    This is a free country and WILL defend my right to make a decision for my own health.

    Our country is absolutely nuts!


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