Kamala Accidentally Slips Up And Reveals The Real Plan


Kamala Accidentally Slips Up And Reveals The Real Plan
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Given a chance, Joe Biden wouldn’t be a president for long, at least is what most Americans think. The man has no plans and platform.

Biden’s Vice-Presidential running mate, Kamala Harris, is equally awkward and weird. While Biden is quite famously known for his slip-ups and mental blackouts, Harris exudes her overambitious aura.

Since the Democrats don’t seem to have any plans for Biden past his “presumed” inauguration, the party looks at Harris as their ultimate hope to successfully creep into the White House. With only just about two months left before the election, preparations and campaigns have highly intensified.


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In fact, Harris’s recent slip-up revealed the innermost plans she has for herself.

Speculations center on Harris taking over the presidency more than what Biden could do as a president. The former Vice President seems to have become irrelevant and outshined by his lower running mate.

Before Kamala Harris, rumors circulate about Jill Biden dreaming of becoming his husband’s Vice-Presidential candidate. There have been talks that the latter was put off by the former’s naked and soaring ambition. Joe’s wife apparently wanted to ensure benefitting from her husband’s declining mental state.

Power struggles become outward between the two women who might have been catfighting behind Joe’s back. Dr. Jill Biden has certainly read through Kamala Harris’s ambition.

A Freudian slip gave away Harris, baring her real intentions in the running for higher office.

On Monday, the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate referred to a “Harris administration” when addressing the nation, and later on proceeded to a bumbling correction as “Biden-Harris administration” yet too late to hide the secret.

Prior to her epic slip-up, she was persuading the viewers that there will be a president who sees the citizen’s needs and understands the dignity of their work. She went on and might have caught up with her speech when she referred to a “Harris administration.”

It would be fascinating to know, how could have Joe Biden honestly reacted upon hearing and watching his running mate, who has just borne her agenda. Or he could possibly have been aware of it.

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