Julian Assange’s Emergency Call to Hillary Clinton’s Office


Image credit to Wikimedia Commons. Image modified from original.

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Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe announced to release conversation audio between Julian Assange and Hillary Clinton’s state department officials on December 17.

As it turns out, Assange once had an “emergency phone call” to try reaching Hillary Clinton during her tenure as secretary of state.

It could be noted that the United States Department of Justice indicted Assange in March 2018. However, the public remained in the dark on the full story until after a year when it was unsealed in April 2019. He has been locked up in a British jail while awaiting the extradition hearing results since September of the same year. 

Assange has actually been behind bars longer, yet, the Brits immediately charged him with violating bail conditions in another extradition hearing back in 2012. He then accepted asylum in Ecuador’s London embassy in June 2012, where he remained until April 11, 2019. 

British authorities then came to charge him for his violations of bail conditions that they had imposed. He was locked until September 2019 on such grounds. However, he still stays behind bars as his legal team fights the US DOJ’s extradition efforts. 

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Some people falsely believe the US charges against Assange are somewhat about the 2016 election. The truth is, Assange was indicted for alleged activities involving WikiLeak material from Chelsea Manning back in 2010. 

Andrew McCarthy even noted when the indictment was first unsealed that the authors had to get around the statute of limitations.

McCarthy questioned the DOJ’s prosecution of Assange when filed three years after the prescribed limitations period. He argued that the five-year statute of limitations applied to most federal crimes is for both conspiracy and computer fraud.

“It appears that the Justice Department is relying on an exception, in Section 2332b of the penal code, that extends the statute of limitations to eight years for “acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries,” said McCarthy.

Operatives from CrowdStrike, a DNC tech firm, were the only ones to examine the DNC’s supposedly hacked machines. President Trump mentioned such in a now-famous phone call to Ukraine president Zelensky.

Acting Director of National Security Richard Grenell was then forced to release the testimony given by CrowdStrike president Shawn Henry to the House Intelligence Committee in 2017.

Henry admitted that his firm’s claim on discovering absolute proof of Russians stealing files from the DNC was actually a point-blank lie. 

There was never a shred of evidence nor proof. Henry stated that CrowdStrike found evidence that the files were “staged for exfiltration”; however, “[t] here is no evidence that they were actually exfiltrated.” 

At least half of WikiLeak’s DNC emails were dated after Falcon, CrowdStrike’s premier monitoring software, was installed on the DNC’s system. Hence, it didn’t exist to exfiltrate in the first place.

How could the Russians then have stolen more than 44,000 emails with about 18,000 attached files?

The fact that DNC emails of WikiLeaks were stolen while CrowdStrike monitored the DNC system significantly means that it must have been an inside job, which Assange has repeatedly claimed.

Thus, it isn’t surprising that the DOJ made all attempts to charge Assange with something else while letting the public assume that he was involved in the DNC’s Russian hack.

The DOJ claimed not only that the WikiLeaks founder helped Manning crack a password, but also that his actions constituted “acts of terrorism.” Assange’s “emergency phone call,” however, isn’t entirely irrelevant.

The clip shows Assange trying to get then secretary of state Hillary Clinton or someone else in her office with enough authority to warn about someone who was about to post unredacted US State Department cables on the internet.

Assange’s act was not in any way conclusive. Yet, to see someone making so much effort in alerting the higher-ups on a damaging leak makes it doubtful that he could commit acts of terrorism. 

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