Judge blocks California DA’s progressive reforms calling them ‘unlawful.’


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According to Fox News’ Bill Melugin, a judge ruled against Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón in court, temporarily blocking his efforts to enact progressive reforms in the county after the DA’s own prosecutors sued him, claiming that he was ignoring the law.


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On day one in the office, Gascón issued a directive to all of his prosecutors, saying that they would not be enforcing the Three Strikes Law, which allows prosecutors to seek harsher sentences for repeat criminal offenders. His reasoning behind his directive is that the particular law is racist and unconstitutional.

Melugin reports that he forced his prosecutors to read a court statement that essentially agrees with his legal opinion. The prosecutor union didn’t like that, so they sued him.

Judge James Chalfant, who ruled against Gascón, wrote, “The District Attorney’s disregard of the Three Strikes ‘plead and prove’ requirement is unlawful, as is requiring deputy district attorneys to seek dismissal of pending sentencing enhancements without a lawful basis. The particular director’s statement that prosecutors are required to read in court is legally inaccurate and incomplete, and reading this statement in court without correction is unethical.”

The district attorney union’s vice president told Fox News, “It has put us in this impossible position. Do we follow his directives, or do we follow the law? And the court clearly said, ‘Well, you need to follow the law.’”

In response, George Gascón released a statement saying that he knew it wouldn’t be easy to change “an outdated racist system of mass incarceration” in Los Angeles. Gascón also said that he plans to appeal the judge’s decision to a higher court.

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  1. This is an asinine position by an asinine DA that should not be in office. Democrats do not know the law, do not know about leadership, and should be removed from political office.

  2. His statement concerning the law being racist…is racist in itself. It shows that his thinking says well I know the repeat offenders will be black.

  3. A soft on crime state supreme court tells a soft on crime DA that his policies are breaking the law? Now I’ve seen everything. Talk about Dumb and Dumber. Only in Kaleefornia.


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