Joy Behar Says Mike Pence Should be Sprayed with Insecticide


Image Screenshot From The View YouTube Video Below.

Outrageous comments from hosts in the “The View” aired again on ABC.

Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg alternately threw criticisms, slamming the reds comment by comment.

With reports of the president contracting the coronavirus, the vice-presidential debate drew more attention, expecting to have several views during the show.


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Behar suggested the vice president be sprayed with insecticide during a segment in The View before the much-awaited debate.

Co-host Goldberg began by criticizing Vice President Pence may not distinguish Harris from the actress who played the role on “Saturday Night Live.”

Safety measures would be in place in the vice presidential debate. The debaters would be meters apart with shields installed in front of each chair.

“I’m hoping Maya Rudolph will come in as Kamala Harris just to see if he recognizes that it’s not her,” Goldberg said.

Joy Behar then slammed the Republicans and jabbed, particularly at Pence. She said the vice president might be going to a rally in Illinois, and the participants won’t be wearing masks.

Behar referred to the Republicans as “Typhoid Marys of the 21st century.”

“So I would say to Kamala, you know, either spray him down or hose him down with some insecticide or whatever they have to use, or else don’t go,” Behar added.

Goldberg went on mocking Vice President Pence due to his custom of not eating dinner alone with another woman besides his wife.

Jesse Schonau, White House Physician, said that Pence still tests negative on COVID despite the president’s positive result. He claimed Pence “does not need to quarantine.”

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