Joe Biden Caught in Meeting with Hunter’s Business Associate


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For years, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has told the media that he does not talk about business dealings with his son, Hunter. Then came the New York Post, saying it has proof that old Joe is a liar. 

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Recently, the Post reported that they acquired evidence found in a discarded — or forgotten laptop that belonged to Hunter. The evidence came in the form of several emails, showing that Joe Biden was familiar with his son’s shady business dealings, contrary to what he’s always claimed.


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Again, the Post revealed more proof that old Joe was, in fact, privy to his son’s business dealings. The Kazakhstani Initiative on Asset Recovery is a Kazakhstan anti-corruption website that recently published an undated photo of Joe Biden and his son with Kazakhstan former president and billionaire Kenes Rakishev.

The New York Post reported that Hunter Biden regularly dined with Rakishev, during which he tried to convince the billionaire to invest in New York, Washington, D.C., and a mining company in Nevada.

In the end, Rakisheve invested a million dollars in Alexandra Forbes Kerry’s production company.

Although Rakishev wrote in broken English, it’s easy enough to deduce that he and Biden have become close. He called Hunter “my brother,” as well as “my brother from another mother.”

According to the UK Daily Mail, they gossiped about their family holidays and ate together at luxury restaurants in New York and Washington, D.C. In July of 2013, Hunter had even told Rakishev, “I’m on vacation with family [at] Lake Michigan… trying to spend some much needed time with my wife and daughters. It’s my 20th anniversary of marriage tomorrow.”

For years, old Joe has told the media that he didn’t know about any of his son’s business dealings, but the photo is enough proof that Joe knew of Rakishev. What else was he privy to, and what else has he lied about?

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