Jill Biden’s Pathetic Photo Op Attempting to Smooth Over the National Guard Scandal


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Biden’s leadership scrambles to clean up the mess of its first greatest scandals by sending the first lady to the rescue.


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On Thursday evening, PJM’s Tyler O’Neil reported, “hundreds of National Guard troops were forced to sleep in a parking lot after they had been mysteriously booted from the U.S. Capitol.” The troops were sent down after securing the inauguration due to alleged threats that didn’t occur. 

FBI vetted the National Guard troops over alleged worries on an insider attack even without intelligence that the threat ever existed. However, the troops received a huge demonstration of disrespect in return.

Roughly 5,000 National Guardsmen were forced to sleep in a freezing parking garage overnight. Thankfully, President Trump purportedly came to the rescue and offered the guardsmen still stationed at the Capitol to lodge at his Washington, D.C. hotel. 

Biden’s administration faces public outrage over the scandal as its public relations try to defend itself from an accusation of hypocrisy after the president and his family went maskless in Lincoln memorial. The family broke the president’s own executive order only hours after signing it. 

Not only did Biden’s incompetent team treat the National Guardsmen so poorly and rudely, but President Trump actually has to save them. Few House Democrats were even outraged at how the troops were treated, and rightfully so. Who wouldn’t? 

To remedy the public relations nightmare, First Lady Jill Biden had to offer cookies complete with photo-op, as if the goodies could actually make it all better. 

Very bad reflection on Biden’s leadership, indeed. A commander-in-chief cannot protect his own troops and couldn’t even admit accountability. A public apology could have sufficed, but instead, the wife has to be sent giving cookies. 

Leadership? Zero.

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