Jennifer Rubin’s Epic Display of Trump Derangement Syndrome


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Jennifer Rubin is sick with TDS — Trump Derangement Syndrome. She recently got in a fight on Twitter with another journalist, all because of her deep hatred for President Trump.

Rubin has ranted more than once in the past, but it appears that the news of Walter Reed Medical Center allowing President Donald Trump to go back home to the White House pushed her over the edge.

To her, it was unreasonable and unforgivable. It was just something that shouldn’t have been done.

She began her rant by telling Trump how much of a “menace” he is to “everyone around him”.

Is she in her right mind? Of course not all people who come in contact with the virus stay in the hospitals. In fact, most people who have tested positive for the coronavirus stay in their homes, with the precautions needed to protect whoever they may be living with, as Trump was given permission to do.

Since the White House is as big as it is, it would be easier for him and First Lady Melania to be separated from the rest and taken care of until they recover. The White House has already stated that contact would be restricted and only people with the appropriate PPE would be allowed inside.

I have no idea why Rubin felt the need to go after Dr. Sean Conley and Walter Reed the way she did.

In one of her tweets, she said that Walter Reed should be “defunded” because it’s a “public health hazard.”

Is she serious? She would have a hospital defunded, healthcare deprived from thousands of patients, and jobs taken away from those who work at the hospital… all because she hates Trump?

Journalist Yashar Ali reacted to her insanity and called her out for her idea.

But Rubin just wouldn’t stop. She just dug herself a deeper grave.

According to her, they can just be “fired” and “assigned elsewhere” just to prove a point.

She then blocked Ali for replying to her tweets only to go against her.

She was awful in the past, but she hasn’t gotten better at all. This is bad, even for her.

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