James Comey is Exposed After Josh Hawley Exposes Him


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Crossfire Hurricane and high-level FBI corruption hearing was held in the Senate on Wednesday.

The probe led to an investigation linking Russia to President Trump based on a fake dossier and falsified FISA warrant. Former FBI Director, James Comey mostly does not recollect the details until Senator Josh Hawley made him remember such things.

The former director insisted that all the FISA warrants had errors apart from the FISA application that was total trash. The senator destroyed him in the probe.


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PJMedia shared the transcript of the senate hearing highlight.

Senator Hawley said Comey insisted that the OIG found several problems in the FISA application. Yet it was only the FISA application involving Carter Page that Comey signed off on that was rebuked from the FISA court.

The senator successively threw questions to Comey, who had a hard time admitting to remember the court order rebuking the FBI for the frequency and seriousness of the FISA application’s errors, leading it to doubt the reliability of the information in all other cases.

When asked if he regrets his role in the misleading of a FISA court, Comey answered, “I don’t regret my role, I regret that it happened.”

This is even when Comey actually signed off on the application. He still tried to get away by running circles, but the senator wouldn’t budge.

Finally, Hawley caught him, “Are you responsible for this misleading evidence given to the FISA court? Yes or no?”

“Yes, in the sense of command responsibility. No, in that I didn’t have personal knowledge that would have led me to understand that we weren’t supplying complete information,” answered the former director.

Unsatisfied, the senator asked if Comey believed Christopher Steele worked for the Democratic Party. Comey commented that he knew Steele to have worked for Trump’s political opponents and did not admit it was the Dems.

The statement made the senator remind him of his testimony under oath, “Steele was retained by Republicans adverse to Mr. Trump during the primary season, and then his work was underwritten after that by Democrats opposed to Mr. Trump during the general election season.”

Comey’s own words are now used against him, blow by blow.

Senator Hawley said the former director “allowed the Democratic Party to leverage the federal government’s most invasive intelligence capabilities against President Trump, and you personally signed off on it.” This is even at the knowledge of the DOJ officials having serious concerns.

Comey was also reminded about Stuart Evans, a DOJ national security division lawyer under President Obama, who raised grave concerns about the ostensive partisan nature of the information provided by Christopher Steele.

The senator told him, “And yet you signed off, knowing that the research was funded by the Democrat Party, knowing that senior officials in the DOJ national security division had serious concerns, you signed off.”

Seriously, please give Comey memory pills to remember how he, as the former FBI director, tainted the FBI’s image. What a bitter pill to swallow.

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