James Clayburn’s Shocking Reaction to Police Salary…


According to House Majority Whip James Clyburn, the problem with the police is not training but recruiting. Apparently, the problem is “what kind of people that we are hiring in these positions” and that “we’ve got to pay better salaries.”


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On Tuesday, Clyburn said on MSNBC’s The Last Word, “When I talk about reimagining it, we got to reimagine how we implement law enforcement in this country. One of those things we’ve got to do is stop talking about training. They’ve got some of the best training that can be created in our mind.”

“Our problem is about recruiting, what kind of people that we are hiring in these positions,” he continued. “One need to only look at the video from that police officer up there in Virginia, point his gun at a lieutenant in the United States Armed Services who is pleading with him. And he ignores all of his pleas and yelling at him like he’s some animal.”

“These kinds of people should not be on the police forces,” he added. “That’s our big problem. Not training. It’s recruiting.”

“We got to recruit better people, and we’ve got to pay better salaries. You’re not going to get good people for the kind of salaries that we pay these police officers. We’ve got to do better,” Clyburn said.

While his colleagues call to “defund the police” or even Rashida Tlaib’s “no more policing,” Clyburn says “we’ve got to pay better salaries.”

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