It’s Happening: This is What the Door-to-Door Vaccine Push Looks Like…


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The Next News Network – Earlier this month, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki and Joe Biden touched on the idea of door-to-door COVID vaccine promotion. The idea sparked intense controversy, posed numerous questions about the Biden administration’s apparently draconian attempt to force vaccinations on the people and called us to consider what this “door-to-door” push might look like.

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Just like the communists in China do knocking on doors and asking to see people ids

This is a conversation that is solely between a person and their doctor, end of story, no exceptions.

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  1. There needs to be a “brief”, yet comprehensive list/outline of factual information as to why the majority, if not all, of people should not get the vaccine. Such as, the high recovery rate of those who have recovered from Covid without a vaccine. Ex: 99.998% of healthy 18 year old’s and younger successfully recovering, 99.95% of healthy 18-45 year old’s, etc. The recovery rate of those who have used Ivermectin, Zinc, Hydrochloraquine, etc. What little information that can be found regarding the negative consequences of those who have received the vaccine. And on and on and on.

    Develop this factual list for anyone to print out and then hand it to those volunteers and health department personnel as they come to your door and ask them if they’d like to have an open discussion about the facts. Better yet, hand them out to your neighbors beforehand and discuss the facts with them. In essence, play the same “game” as the volunteers and health department personnel.

    I’m a retired health department employee who early in my career blindly followed what we were being asked to volunteer to do, such as, go door to door during election years with fliers promoting various “health” related issues/levies. Once I became more aware of what I was being asked/”directed” to promote that I didn’t agree with or believe in morally or professionally I refused to “volunteer” for said additional duties.

    Yes, I had to shoulder extreme pressure from supervisors and peers alike for not being a team player and taking my duties as a health care professional seriously. On the contrary, it was because I kept my integrity and took my duties seriously that I refused.

    Far worse, it was my experience that the majority of my health department colleagues feverishly “drunk the kool-aid” of what the far left wanted them to hear, thus enthusiastically being short-sighted and obtuse at the expense of long term truth and foresight.

    Therefore, the development of the aforementioned printed list of facts may help to stave off the likelihood of far too many of our neighbors blindly believing that these volunteers and health department personnel are 100% objective and knowledgeable about both sides of the question: Is the vaccine safe/appropriate or not? Why is there such pressure to comply? Why are dissenting opinions and facts being suppressed and social media platforms cancelling people. Why does a man, such as, Bill Gates, have the audacity to believe and say that our world population should be decreased by seven billion people? It’s time to walk away from the pack of “sheeple” and conduct your own due diligence.


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