It Seems Obama’s Radical Legacy Continues to Haunt America



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– Amid the cauldron of misunderstanding and finger pointing caused by the tragic death of Daunte Wright, few things are more important than putting forth a message of understanding and reconciliation. That is, unless you are Barack Obama. Ever the politician, Obama has now released an incendiary message before all the facts of the case are known. Using Marxist subtle catchphrases like “reimagining” police work and attempting to tie this tragedy to George Floyd’s murder, Mark exposes the former President’s message to advance a racial agenda at the expense of the rule of law. As Obama virtue-signals to the mob, this accidental tragedy might escalate into something much worse.

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Obama can trash law Enforcement all he wants but he is the same hypocritical person who hides behind that same law Enforcement for his and his families own personal protection 24/7/365.

Obama is playing by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals: rub salt on the wounds of society to further divide the society, pitting one side against another.

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  1. obama owns biden. obama has never got his nose out of politics yet. he is shadow government & trouble maker. he has a very important job to lead on which is to continue on with bringing America down into a third world country with illegals being more recognized than any other race in America.There is a lot more going on & planned that we will never know until its to late to recover.


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