It Appears That Suddenly Liberals Don’t Care About COVID Anymore


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Whatever happened to the COVID prevention narrative?


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For several months since the onslaught of the pandemic, the Democrats have been using COVID-19 to scare the Americans. Lockdowns, social distancing, and the wearing of masks have been pushed tirelessly to the brink, and at some point, the stay-at-home scheme could no longer hold back the people.

Remember the far-left California Governor wanting to cancel Thanksgiving. More so, the governor released a mandate on limiting loud talking and singing.

However, tables have turned as the left prematurely celebrated their “win” in the race. Biden has been declared as the “president-elect” over Trump. Along the victory reveals that the COVID-19 narrative is indeed an illusion.

Leftists gather in a massive crowd, not minding any of the protocols mandated by their own leaders.

In big cities, the liberals begin to celebrate in the streets without wearing masks as they yell and shout collectively.

Footages show these hypocrites party in large mobs without observing social distancing.

Indeed, the coronavirus was only used as a political theater when they needed something to smear the Trump administration.

Liberals might have never cared about the pandemic at all.

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