Is This How the Election was Really Stolen?


Tucker Carlson’s attack on Sidney Powell might have caused him massive conservative supporters, but he more than made up for it in his Monday soliloquy to expose the real fraud in the 2020 election. 


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Tucker blasted at the media and Big Techs in the Silicon Valley for manipulating the system to destroy President Trump.

It’s appalling how the current media disrespect the Trump administration. Back then, even when the media do not agree with the presidents such as Nixon and Reagan, they have at least showed decency.

With President Trump, the mainstream media’s hate is unbounded. 

What several media outlets have done for the past four years is to undermine the government. It might be hard to remember now, but before President Trump, the media would report objectively on foreign and local news. Currently, the news only serves the left-wing party with their blatant slanted narratives.

Black Lives Matter demonstrations suggest racial freedom, while the people ordered to stay at home not only continuously lose their livelihoods but are also called white supremacists. The media also never reported the Trump administration’s accomplishments. 

More importantly, the effect of Big Techs has become impossible to explain to young people who are oblivious to its power. 

Google hides search results, while Twitter and Facebook suspend accounts for being “mean.” For the younger generation, censorship from the social media platform is an appropriate “safe” speech method.

Tucker’s usual monologue in his show is yet another brilliant, fearless speech. He revealed how, in reality, the 2020 election was “rigged.” While we believe in the traditional fraud and election manipulations through fake ballots, machine irregularities, and votes from dead people, Tucker pointed out the role of the media and Big Tech. 

The Fox News anchor fired at the two culprits, adding an interview with Dr. Robert Epstein, a Democrat and one of the world’s foremost experts on the effect of Big Tech on politics, who explained how Google manipulates the election. 

“Google search results were extremely biased in favor of liberals and Democrats,” said Epstein.

The expert also said that days before the election, Google vote reminders were being sent only to liberals, and not one of the conservative field agents received the vote reminders. However, the tech giant sent out the reminders to all, regardless of the political party, 4 days before the election. 

Dr. Epstein also claimed that the manipulations “could easily have shifted at least 6 million votes.”

When asked by Tucker why we are allowing the manipulations to happen, Epstein further said that “Google literally buys candidates and politicians.” He also said that Google often buys his colleagues and fellow academics with large grants.

It’s devastating to know that despite the accounts of whistleblowers and the massive evidence of fraud, many are still in denial. 

Is there really freedom in a country manipulated by the tech landlords?

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