Is Nancy Pelosi Fit for Office After Her Latest 25th Amendment Stunt?


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On Thursday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had an interview with Mark Levin, where he announced that he and a group of House representatives were making a way for them to put to the test whether or not Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is still mentally fit for office.

McCarthy made his announcement after the House Speaker announced that she was gathering a commission to be used to determine if the POTUS is still physically and mentally capable of being the president.

“I’m not talking about it today except to tell you, if you want to talk about that, we’ll see you tomorrow,” said Pelosi during a press conference. “But you take me back to my point.”


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“Mr. President, when was the last time you had a negative test before you tested positive? Why is the White House not telling the country that important fact about how this made a hot spot of the White House?” Pelosi asked, referring to how Trump came in contact with the coronavirus.

During the interview with Levin, McCarthy said that the Speaker’s mental state doesn’t seem to be well.

“To even bring this up when you’re talking 27 days before an election… You know she’s second in line right after the vice president,” McCarthy said. “It really brings into question her own mental capacity to be Speaker of the House.”

He noted that the House Speaker should be held to the same standard as President Trump.

“Are you going to recommend the same commission take a look at her mental capacity?” Levin asked. “Does she have to submit any kind of records about her health? Mental health?”

“If she’s now saying they should have a commission to do that with the president, shouldn’t you do that with all three people who are in line for the presidency?” McCarthy said. “Shouldn’t she have to submit to the same test that she’s trying to claim?”

He continued, “I am getting together with a number of members — and can tell you there are people on the other side that have raised this question as well. We’re going to get together; find out ways that we can craft something.”

McCarthy noted that it takes two-thirds of the votes in the House and the Senate to remove a president using the 25th Amendment.

“She knows this will not be a reality,” McCarthy said. “This is just another attempt to attack our democracy.”

“It’s Nancy Pelosi who is insane,” Levin said. “It’s Nancy Pelosi who is mentally ill.”

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