Is Kamala Leading a Coup Against Biden?


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Dr. Steve Turley – Pundits are openly talking about a 25th Amendment coup in the works, with Kamala Harris leading the charge! In this video, we’re going to look at the prospects for just such a coup, you’re going to have the opportunity to let us know what you think in the comments below, and stick with me to the end because I’m going to reveal to you what’s REALLY happening behind the scenes, and you’re going to absolutely love it!

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They should invoke the 25th amendment against the Democratic party.

I think Biden super sucks however I think Kamel-Toe Harris would even worse.

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  1. THIS is the plan from day ONE, by Obama and whoever else is directing this Pinocchio president! It’s all just been a question of WHEN! K. Harris will be the LAST president before the Communist turn IF they get their WAY!!!!

  2. Pedo Joe is so ATE UP with Alzheimer’s and Dementia he can’t defend himself so he won’t fight it she did anything.

  3. We are doomed either way and I said it when he ran, and when he chose her as a running mate and I am even more convinced now. God Help us!

  4. I surprised she took this long to try and over throw he boss, he needs to fire her ASAP, just to save his own A$$ , She has not down the jobs he has assigned to her, dereliction of duty ( GOVERNMENT FAILURE ), or just getting the job done ( GOVERNMENT FAILURE ), ” poor job performance ” GOVERNMENT FAILURE). I often wonder, how many LIES she told and how many documents she forged and lie on , to get people put in prison for terms longer then they should have been incarcerated for or even in prison at all, now many just to further her CORRUPTED CAREER ,??/

  5. Let her try a COUP, and then have her RED HANDED for TREASON , and then she can do a rope dance, and pelosi also, because she will be backing k.h. 100% because that some how puts her vpotus, .


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