Instant Karma: Trump Hater Gets Arrested


Image Screenshot From RU AWAKE Twitter Post Below.

A man paid for instant karma after spitting on a Trump flag and then got arrested.


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Around 10 Trump allies were having a small demonstration as a show of support to the president when a man drove past the group. The man slowed down when he reached the protest and spat on one of the flags being waved by a supporter.

The supporter holding the flag then spits on him too.

Shocked, the man drove away, yelling incoherent words and shouting insults at the rally-goers.

Much to the surprise of the Trump supporters, the man crashes into a light pole only a few meters from the incident. His anger must have gotten the better of him.

The man was having a hard time maneuvering backward when the police came and arrested him. Instant karma, indeed.

One of the supporters caught the entire incident on footage where they continue to mock the hater.

One would think the man got what he deserved for disrespecting a different view, much less a political flag. Where a decent and an educated man could agree to disagree, this man chose to show his hatred through spitting.

He could only blame himself for the damage he caused his car, now with bumper damaged.

This is just one of the several encounters of President Trump supporters and haters, with the latter attacking the former, yet ironically calls the people to “unite.”

Very embarrassing.

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