Insane: You Won’t Believe What AOC Said About Planned Parenthood…


Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, more commonly known as AOC, has once again spoken. This time, she spoke about Planned Parenthood and how it saves lives.


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According to AOC, Planned Parenthood saves lives — even though they perform hundreds of thousands of abortions every year.

“That was just a lot. And I think it’s really important that it’s addressed very directly right now,” AOC began. “First and foremost, I don’t want to hear a single person on this committee or outside of this committee talk about valuing life when they continue to uphold the death penalty, when they continue to support policies that disproportionately incarcerate and lead to the deaths of black men and people throughout this country, and uphold an absolutely unjust medical system that exists for profit, that allows people to die because they can’t afford to live.”

“In addition to that, if we want to talk about Planned Parenthood, let’s talk about how many lives Planned Parenthood has saved and how many babies have been born because of the prenatal care provided by Planned Parenthood,” she continued.

“And if you don’t believe it, and if you’ve never met a Planned Parenthood baby, I’m happy to let you know that I am one, and that my mother received and relied on prenatal care from Planned Parenthood when she was pregnant with me,” she said proudly.

“And so if we’re concerned about life, we don’t get to talk about anyone else who’s not concerned about the full spectrum of that when we are upholding policies that kill people,” AOC added.

Of course, what she’s saying makes sense until you find out just how many lives Planned Parenthood saves and kills.

Throughout the last year alone, their 2020 annual report notes that Planned Parenthood performed 354,871 abortions. While in contrast, only 8,626 women received prenatal care.

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  1. The title says it all! She’s using the US Congress as a setting for her continuing drama! She’s a Wannabe Actress pushing an Insane Agenda, all while constantly auditioning for the Leading Lady of A Play entitled ‘Insanity’! If she’s done one damn thing since she’s entered Congress that was helpful or constructive I’ll EAT MY HAT! This twit needs to take her ‘Squad Cronies’ & head back to whence they came! They don’t like this wonderful country, as portrayed by their actions every single day! So my suggestion is that they all LEAVE & the Sooner the Better!


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