Insane: Watch What Happens on this Flight to New York


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Trouble was found on a JetBlue flight from Kingston, Jamaica to JFK on Tuesday before the plane even took off, the New York Post reported.

A male passenger accused a female passenger of taking his seat and kneeing him in the stomach. 

The woman who filmed the incident told the man that she kneed him in the stomach because “he deserved it.”’


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The man was wearing a face mask below his chin as he defended his racial slur. “Excuse me, I’m part West African,” he screamed. “I can say n— anytime I want!”

The man screamed at the woman to get her things and “get the f—ck” out of his seat, which is when the flight attendants asked him to “please stop” because “there are children.” However, he proceeded to call the woman a “n—r” and told the airline employees to get her off the plane.

Again, he repeated, “Take your stuff and get out of my seat, please!”

The flight attendant told him, “We will take care of it, but I need you to stop yelling.”

“She kneed me in the stomach. Why are you in my face?” he asked the employee. He continued yelling and shouting profanities, but the flight attendant had had enough.

“I don’t care what she did. You’re being disrespectful! Shut the f— up for two seconds!” the employee pleaded.

The man continued to yell that he wanted a “lawsuit right now” and again shouted some profanities.

At this point, the Black woman tried to get in his face to punch him. The airline employees were trying to keep them apart, while the rest of the passengers were either complaining about the noise or filming the incident.

The man had screamed, “Call the f— police!” and his wish came true.

According to the Post, the man was later taken away in handcuffs by the police.

JetBlue has also said that the man will be banned from the airline going forward.

“We have zero tolerance for racism or harassment, and after reviewing this customer’s abhorrent racist behavior, we have determined he is no longer welcome to fly JetBlue,” said spokesman Derek Dombrowski.

Watch the clip of the incident below. I have to warn you that it’s full of profanities, screaming, and racial slurs.

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