Insane: This BLM Chant Will Send Chills Down Your Spine


Black Lives Matter activists have popped up in Ohio, this time threatening to fight back against the police.


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These BLM thugs were protesting the fatal shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, a 16-year-old female who was shot by a Columbus officer last week. She had lunged for another female, knife in hand, even after the police officer told her to stop.

As usual, BLM doesn’t care about what the truth is as long as they have an excuse to riot, loot, and destroy things. As the Democrats continue to allow these “peaceful protests” to occur, Black Lives Matter thugs continue to get bolder.

BLM mobs know they can get away with whatever they do, so they get bolder and bolder. Now, they’re talking about retaliating against police.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth—is this what it’s coming to?” the BLM thug screamed into a loudspeaker. “We’re not gonna sit here and just sit around while you shoot and kill us and go back to the suburbs.”

“We’re sick,” he continued. “Maybe it needs to be an eye for an eye.” Then, he chanted: “They shoot us, we shoot them! You shoot us; we shoot you!”

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