INSANE: NYC ENDS School’s ‘Gifted & Talented’ Programs…


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Ben Shapiro – Mayor Bill De Blasio plans to end classes for gifted and talented students because of “racial segregation.” Shapiro weighs in.

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How do we solve wealth inequality? Left: “Easy, make everybody poor.” How do we solve educational inequality? Left: “Easy, make everybody poorly educated.”

Gifted doesn’t just mean accelerated. Gifted kids actually have different learning needs and often don’t do well in a regular classroom. And many gifted boys aren’t recognized because the school system falsely equates good behavior with intelligence. But bored kids act out, especially boys.

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  1. Well when you finally come to the conclusion that the Black students are just too damn stupid to keep up and you are a liberal who still insists that equal out comes are justified you lower the results to what the dumb kids can handle.

    NYC has just acknowledged what many many people have quietly known for thousands of years. There are an vast majority of black people who are just not bright.

    Need more proof that then NYC lowering their results? Well Colorado, Oregon, California and Washington state have done similar things.

    We passed affirmative action giving blacks and unfair advantage and creating institutional racism against whites 60 years ago. That is two or three working life times. Yet the black people are still not thriving. That is not racism that is laziness and stupidity.

    Need more proof? Ok supposedly Africa is the cradle of human evolution. Why isn’t Africa the leader in standard of living improvements. they clearly had a head start on everyone.

    No the leaders in improving standard of living are those horrible white people. they are always inventing new stuff and why it is not the horrible white people it is the horrible Asian people.

    Don’t like this comment? Well how about create plans to increase achievement and fight against things that lower achievement.


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