Insane: NBC Tries to Cover Up Biden’s Horrible Approval Ratings


Despite getting help from the mainstream media every step of the way, President Joe Biden’s approval rating is only at 53%. Unsurprisingly, the liberal media are once again trying to cover up for Biden.


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He has several news networks on his side, including CNN whose ratings are going down because of him.

But despite the best efforts of the liberal media, almost every local news channel, and almost every major newspaper in the country, Biden still received a low approval rating—although it is unsurprising.

In fact, as NBC News anchor Chuck Todd tried to cover up Biden’s horrible approval ratings, he said that “53 is the new 60.”

Of course, the question he was asked gave him the perfect opening: “The country says we’re divided. Eight in 10 Americans say we’re divided, and yet President Biden has an approval rating up into the 50s. What do you read into these numbers?”

Todd began, “He’s riding the momentum in some ways of a recovering economy and the escalation of the vaccinations. But at the end of the day, this is happening on his watch. Things looked like they weren’t going to go well. He took over, and things seemed to smooth out. Some argue they always would have, but it doesn’t matter. It’s on his watch. That’s given him political capital. In our numbers here, you see that that is driving the overall positive approval ratings he has.”

“Any time you’re over 50 in this polarized environment, that’s really solid,” he added. “It’s sort of the new 60 percent of the way when you and I grew up in the 80s and 90s.”

“Relative to past presidents, his approval at this point isn’t actually that high compared even to President Obama or George W. Bush. But compared to Donald Trump and given where we are the country, it’s a pretty decent number,” the host smoothly added.

They do a pretty good job covering up for Biden, but it doesn’t change the fact that he only got 53%, even with all the help he’s receiving.

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