Insane: Biden COVID Task Force Member may be a Lockdown Profiteer!


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A COVID task force member appointed by presumptive president-elect Joe Biden may have been profiting off on lockdowns he has advocated for at the onslaught of the pandemic.


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Biden announced Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel be added to his coronavirus task force. 

Dr. Emanuel is also a consultant for COVID-19 RECoVERY Consulting. The firm works with businesses that target to reopen and operate during the pandemic by working around the laws regarding the virus. 

His work as a consultant earned the ire of Alex Berenson, a former New York Times reporter, who accused him of profiting off the “lockdown that he’s pushing.”

In September, Berenson shared to Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that Emanuel has his own consulting firm where he advises people “how to get around and get past the lockdown advice that he’s pushing.”

Berenson said that the doctor “consults with people for profit to make money from giving them recommendations on the lockdown that he’s pushing.”

The “president-elect’s” transition team named Dr. Emanuel as part of the presumed administration’s coronavirus advisory board on Monday. 

The doctor is an oncologist and a vice provost at UPenn. He also serves as an adviser to Biden. He works with other consultants at COVID-19 RECoVERY Consulting – a consulting firm that markets its ability to decipher “confusing” mandates on the pandemic from the government.

“We understand that the guidance from the CDC and other state and federal agencies could be confusing, non-specific, and constantly changing,” says the Consulting website. 

“Every day, there is more information, conflicting opinions, and new scientific studies that require interpretation, integration, and discernment. Doing so without guidance can be dangerous for you, your employees, and your customers,” the firm claims. 

Berenson told Carlson in the interview that Emanuel profits off of lockdowns via the consulting firm. 

“He’s encouraging lockdowns to be in place and to be sort of moved back phase by phase,” said Berenson, adding that as a consultant, he would advise how businesses on how to have customers. 

“And I think it’s easy to underestimate how big a business Covid has become,” said the former Times reporter. 

In April, Emanuel, also recognized as an architect of the Affordable Care Act, said that coronavirus safety measures would be mandated for the “next 18 months or more.”

“Realistically, COVID-19 will be here for the next 18 months or more. We will not be able to return to normalcy until we find a vaccine or effective medications,” said Emanuel on MSNBC.

With Zeke Emanuel on-board, successive lockdowns would be expected as well as his growing consulting firm. 

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