If You Support Trump, You Get 20% Off at This Grocery Store


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An ad went viral for promoting President Trump offering 20% discount at a grocery store in Oakdale, New York.

People have since been calling to boycott the grocery store after the owner, Jose Colon, offered Trump supporters 20% off on their purchases.

The owner, who hailed from the Dominican Republic, regarded the people’s call and said to offer the same discount for former Vice President Joe Biden supporters.

On Wednesday, Fresh Food Supermarket received backlash after advertising a discount on its Facebook page. 

The advertisement read, “Trump supporters get 20% off. Mention at the cash register you are a Trump supporter to get discount. (Excludes beer).”

The ad has since sparked several and outrageous remarks, with some supported and some enraged.

Fox News reported social media users had issues with the offered discount and allegedly threatened to boycott the grocery store in question. The users even called the local health department.

Colon responded to the backlash, saying, “We’re supposed to live in a free country. This is weird. It’s crazy.”

The owner explained he would offer the same discount for the other party’s supporters. Colon said that America is a free country where democracy is upheld and people can choose to support left or right. 

“I decided to vote and support the best interest, I believe, for this country,” he added.

Colon was apparently displeased with the people’s response to the advertisement. He explained he is also an immigrant who came to the US legally and has been working hard since his arrival. 

The owner said to stand by his offer and if the response would cause him losing his store, he will run it until the Election day.

“I’ll run it until the last day,” he commented.

Colon also told WABC-TV, “I don’t try to make any kind of division with politics.”

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