ICE Confirms Biden’s Biggest Scandal Yet is Completely Real…


Image From Video Below…

The Next News Network – Julian Conradson from The Gateway Pundit reports, Last week, Tucker Carlson revealed that a whistleblower had leaked an email to him that contained details on the Biden Administration’s use of the US Military to covertly transport illegal aliens across the country.

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Joe ( THE BIG GUY ) Biden Administration is a complete and total shitshow from day one.

There is no limit as to how low this lawbreaker will go. start an impeachment, please.

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  1. Biden is a Total Joke! The dumbest President in 150 years! This guy is crooked as can be and says his agenda at the border is going as planned and we all know what his plan is…. we are a democracy and are going to stay that way!! Is he trying to start another revolution to split this country into another civil war??


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