Hunter Biden Caught! He Repeatedly Uses the N Word…


Image from video below…

Fox News – contributor Jason Chaffetz and radio host Leslie Marshall discuss the first’s son’s latest scandal and Sen. Joe Manchin’s power in the Senate.

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  1. What doe’s it matter, he can do what he wants, his dad is the big guy. It is only the citizen who works everyday, pays taxes, serves his country, he better not say, think or do anything the other side doe’s not like. Yes we are screwed.

    theold Marine

  2. Father is a corrupt manure bag, son is a corrupt manure bag. Father is stupid and worthless, son is stupid and worthless. Father is a racist piece of raw sewage, son is a racist piece of raw sewage. Like father, like son.

  3. I don’t like that woman her name Leslie Marshall because she thinks she knows it all and she knows nothing.


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