Humiliating: Watch Joe Biden’s Latest Gaffe



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The Next News Network – Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, They woke up Joe Biden long enough to shove him on a plane and send him to Ohio on Tuesday for a quick appearance. About two dozen supporters came out to see him.

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All of his gaffes are humiliating for the Nation…

The empty streets when his motorcade goes by is the sign of a stolen presidency.

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  1. The whole country knows the election was stolen. Democrats even bragged about stealing the election in Time magazine. Senile Joe’s supporters only exist in what little bit of his mind he has left.

  2. The white House has fallen, no leadership there to be found, Invaders at our southern border, ridden with unchecked viruses, invasion of illegals still not being stopped. What real effect will this have on our Country, Senate and House want to spend and tax, yet, what will this really change? Where is all this division heading? Why is it being allowed to be happen? Country needs leadership now, to resolve these real issues, is it no where to be found? Elected leaders have left the field of battle. Who will step up and confront the challenges? Contact your officials and let your voice be heard today. Every one has equal say, not just partisan politicians. Some time a call to battle must be heard in between elections, call Washington today and let your voice be heard.

  3. Surely something can be done before this country is gone. Why are the republicans not impeaching pelosi. She has done enough crooked things the whole Democrat party could be impeached including biden. I feel this was trump doing all these things you could bet they wouldn’t be sitting on their duffs not doing anything.
    Where all the people whose kids are getting damaged by being out of school. All this BS about masks and staying away from all family is nuts. Other pandemics people lived and did their normal lives.
    We are being politized so the democrats can stay in power and lead around like sheep. They are succeeding. We are losing our freedom daily and going in-depth where about children and grand children will live in poverty while the elites live in mansions.
    Where are the leaders to help us get rid of these socialist people.


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