How Is This Even Possible? Biden Gets 100% of New Votes?


In an unexpected and unprecedented turn of events, the new vote update to Michigan and Wisconsin shows Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden gaining all of the new votes — that’s right, 100% — while Republican nominee Donald Trump gets zero.

And to make things stranger and more suspicious, they waited until everyone had gone to bed before releasing the updates. Just the fact that they waited until then before releasing the updates makes it all the more suspicious.

Something doesn’t feel right, and I’m not the only one who thinks so.


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How Is This Even Possible? Biden Gets 100% of New Votes?

How is this possible? Biden has even broken former President Barack Obama’s record for most votes received by a presidential candidate. He now has a total of more than 70 million.Obama, who won in the 2008 election, won with just more than 69 million votes. Now you’re telling me that Biden, not Trump, broke former President Obama’s record?

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